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Upload, get a link, share and get paid. For creators, owners and distributors.
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How it works

Empowering creators & rewarding viewers

A content monetization platform that not only empowers creators but also rewards viewers for sharing


1. Upload Content
Share publicly or distribute privately, your choice.
Upload any content from videos, e-books, podcasts, digital art, and more.
Get your content to larger audiences and earn more.


2. Set a price
Choose what viewers pay to see your content.
When distributors share your content, more money comes your way.
Get your content to larger audiences and earn more.


3. Get a link
Once priced you'll get a unique link to share it with your audience.
More views mean more earnings for you.
Viewers can share, bring new viewers, and earn a commission.

For Creators

This includes artists, musicians,
videographers, writers, educators, and independent journalists.

For Professionals

Lawyers, photographers, ghostwriters, and others who might need a platform to securely share or sell their professional content or documents.

For Distributors

Viewers can share your content and earn a commission for every
new viewer they bring, ensuring organic reach and a community-driven approach.

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